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  2. Why a Men Against Violence Webring?
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The sites in the Men Against Violence Webring give examples of how men can get involved in the struggle to end rape and sexual assault. Sites are by men and women who recognize that rape and sexual assault are not merely a 'Woman's Issue' but everyone's issue. Men are perpetrators, survivors, and friends of survivors, and need to get involved.

Thank you for visiting the Men Against Violence Webring. As much as I know how important it is to have men become involved in the fight against rape and sexual assault, I've run into many men who claim they don't know what they can do - here then, is a ring for people who are involved in ending rape and sexual assault, and for people looking to get involved.

If you wish to contact me for any reason (except spam, of course), email me here.

The sites on this webring fit into one of these categories:

1) It must have information to help get men involved in ending sexual assault and rape.

2) The site is about male(s) involved in ending sexual assault and rape.


Why a Men Against Violence Webring?

We need to get men involved in ending rape and sexual assault. We perpetrate the vast majority of the assaults, and yet the topic is usually framed as a "Women's Issue." I want this ring to make it very clear that men can get involved, men are involved, and here's some examples of how you can do it.

Many web sites are now in multiple webrings (Sexual Assault Interactive Theatre, for example, is listed on Feminist, Sexual Assault, Theatre and Artist-based webrings) - so I don't want people to think of the ring as exclusionary, but merely a sub-group of a larger issue. I would imagine that you will see these sites listed on other similar webrings as well.


How Do I Add My Site?

Things keep changing, and now Yahoo has bought webring. Well, this is a pain in the arse for me, because all the things I had set up before are gone. But at least they simplified the addition process! Use this link to add your site.

 Men Against Violence Webring
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